• The Foundations

  • The natural world is central to
    everything we do. This includes the materials used, methods of making and the packages we send.

    Every product is created with three underlying principles in mind.

    The first principle is using only natural materials. This means they naturally decomposing. 

  • The second principle is designing to elimnate waste. This means allowing this principle to guide the creation from colour to size. It also means small batches.

    The final principle is locality. Materials and processes are sought as close to home as possible. Using local makers and materials also ensures high quality products made with care.

  • Materials

  • Our main material is paper. All our paper is FSC certified, 100% recyclable and made in Yorkshire by James Cropper.

    This mill is a traditional paper mill with innovative ideas and are pioneers of a circular economy. They have just finished researching and developing a unique paper product made from used coffee cups and have already diverted millions of cups away from landfill in the process.

  • Our t-shirts are 100% organic
    cotton, vegan approved and are manufactured in accordance with the FairWear Foundation. This foundation is responsible for assuring improved working conditions and pay across the
    textile industry.

    Our knitwear is made from 100% mulesing free, merino lambswool. This wool is spun and dyed in a Yorkshire mill that has been making yarn for over 200 years.

  • Methods

  • The processes are just as important as the materials. The process itself is selected as part of the design and research phase. If the data relates to trees, we look to using wood or paper or if the subject matter is water based, a water based screen print may be selected.

    There is one common thread throughout all these processes. They are hand powered, naturally low in energy and made in the UK.

  • Our fine art silk screen printers are based in England and create hand pulled, limited edition prints. These prints use hand mixed inks that are developed specially for each print. Each colour is hand pulled separately to create an outstanding product.

    The letterpress prints are hand printed in Scotland on presses that are more than 100 years. These limited edition prints use specially made metal or wooden plates that are made in the UK.

  • Our textiles are screen printed in Scotland and use water based inks. This means that there is no plastic involved in the printing of these garments and the result is a naturally soft print.

    Our lambswool knitwear are hand made just a cycle ride away, in Scotland. This textile mill uses knitting machines to create small batches with zero waste. 

  • Packaging

  • Our postal triangles have been specially designed to remove the need for glues or plastic using paper engineering instead.

    Large prints are rolled with 100% recyclable acid free tissue paper. Small prints are posted flat with a cardboard backing and a plant based, biodegradable wrapper. This can be recycled with your home composting.

  • All of our textiles are posted in paper sacks that are 100% recycled and recyclable.

    All parcels are hand finished with a letterpressed label that has been printed by hand in the Scottish Borders using the same paper that we use for our prints.

    Every element of the packaging is made and produced in the UK.