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Norway has the third largest coastline (relative to its area) in the world. So how do the Scottish Islands and their rugged coastlines compare?

Using a mixture of census data and mapping tools, this print explores the coastline ratios of the largest 99 inhabited Scottish islands. 

These islands are grouped into their island groups from the small isles to the Shetland islands. These groups create the rocky coastline effect on the left of the print. The further the rock extends to the right, into the sea, the larger the coastline length relative to its area. Essentially the more jagged the coastline.

The names of each island represent the coastline and also illustrate the area of the island. The names of the larger islands are positioned further to the right and the smaller are labelled further to the left.


Limited edition of 100
A4 (210mm x 297mm) Letterpress Print. Printed in the Borders
300gsm GF Smith Cranes Crest Cotton Paper. Made in USA
175gsm GF Smith Colorplan Story. Made in Hull and Printed in London

100% recycled cardboard and biodegradable sleeve. Made in Lancashire


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