Exploring the natural world with data in place of a map. Made to nurture curious minds.


The Story

Ploterre explores the natural world in pursuit of a deeper understanding of the environment and the species that call it home.

Armed with data in place of a map, the journey shapes every step of the process from the materials and tools used to the overall design of each new piece of work.

This journey and its creations endeavour to tread as lightly as possible. The final pieces are made locally in small batches using human powered, traditional processes and local, natural materials.

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The Process

  • 01. Explore

    01. Explore

    Be curious of the world around you. Every piece begins with a question.

  • 02. Observe

    02. Observe

    Unearthing patterns in data leads to creating patterns in design.

  • 03. Discover

    03. Discover

    Every discovery shapes the final piece from the material to the font.

  • 04. Connect

    04. Connect

    Each edition is the result of this journey, made to share with you.

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