• The Story

  • Each piece starts with a curiosity. What colours fly into our green spaces more than any other? Winter brings the biggest swells but how does wave height change by month, year after year? Or can you predict tree ring growth from weather data

    Using existing observations alongside personal field notes, ploterre sets out to answer these questions using data.

  • After a long journey of research, insights are unearthed and stories are ready to be shared using the art of design. These designs evolve throughout the journey and are shaped by discoveries that are found along the way. 

    The observations themselves ultimately create the marks on the page or stitches in the blanket.

  • Through a series of specially constructed formulas, ploterre links nature to numbers and data to design.

    This journey and its creations endeavour to tread as lightly as possible. the final pieces are made locally in small batches using traditional, human powered processes and local, natural materials.

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Ploterre explores the natural world in pursuit of a deeper understanding of the environment and the species that call it home.

Armed with data in place of a map, the journey shapes every step of the process from the materials and tools used to the overall design of each new piece of work.

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Collaborating with organisations in pursuit of the same goal, protecting our natural world, is the best kind of journey.

Whilst the process is similar, working in tandem with others that are equally passionate about our natural world often produces the best results.

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Each piece of work is sparked by a curiosity within the natural world. The journey to nurturing these curiosities is what makes the final artwork.

This series of videos tells the story of each artwork by bringing this journey to life.

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