The Good Life Summer Camp

Guests at this years summer camp were able to attend one of my workshops, where we explored the surrounding area and observed the natural world. These observations were then turned into art...

The Good Life Summer Camp

summer camp materials

Summer Camp is the more intimate sister event of the Good Life Festival, held in the grounds of Hawarden Castle.

Over the course of a weekend, 100 guests relax in beautiful surroundings, eating food cooked outdoors by world class chefs and taking part in a variety of workshops and activities.

summer camp tents

This year, guests were able to attend one of my workshops where we explored the surrounding area and gave ourselves the time and space to observe the natural world. We then took these observations back to our base (a beautiful space in the middle of the walled garden) to create some art based on what we'd experienced. This art was created on specially made, laser cut boards that meant we could plot data out in the field instead of inside at a computer. These boards consisted of numbered holes where you could thread locally made, biodegradable thread to represent our journey.

You can read more about the event on The Good Life Society.

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