Midnight Sun

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Each piece is the result of a journey. Beginning with a spark of curiosity from something as simple as daylight to visualising this journey through print.

But the journey doesn't always end there. I spend a fair amount of time chatting to people about my work at design markets and exhibitions to interviews and talks. And these conversations also shape the work.

This print is the perfect example. The original (now sold out) sunbeam print visualised day light hours by week compared to the longest day. But the main question people asked was 'what location are the daylight hours based on?'. The answer was London but the question sparked a whole new journey.

Because the location really does matter. The further north you travel, the more egg shaped the weekly daylight hours become. And despite its relatively small size, the British Isles stretch across 12 degrees latitude (from 49°N in the Scilly Isles to 60°N in the Shetland Isles). And so this new adventure compares the weekly daylight hours for the most southerly and most northerly parts of the UK. The left side represents the summer months and the right side represents winter. The text around the edge indicates 24 hours. So if the sun looks slightly off centre because there's more blue space visible on the right, it's just because, like the daylight, there's less of it in the winter.


Limited Edition of 366 
210mm x 210mm Unframed Print
2 Colour Silkscreen print
270gsm GF Smith Colorplan Paper


UK = £5 | Europe = £10 | ROW = £15.
Free postage for orders over £100 within the UK.

This print has been made entirely in the UK from every material to every process.

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