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A selection of damaged and mis-registered prints to be used as a notebook or a scrapbook of prints.

The ploterre jotter is my way of removing the final piece of waste from my process. Damaged and mis-registered prints. I don't like waste or throwing usable things away and so over the years I've collected more scrap paper than I'm able to use.

Enter the plotter jotter.

There are 40 pages in total and each page is a piece of print. The front and back cover have been created from heavier weight paper making each book unique. The covers have been overprinted with letterpress type and ring bound. 

I like to think of them as the Freitag bag of notebooks. As they're all so different, orders will be selected as random but each one is special in its own way. There's only a small batch available but I'll make more as and when I accrue more damaged or mis-registered prints but I don't know when that will be!


Made in Small Batches
Each Book is Unique
Dimensions: 80mm x 130mm

175gsm and 270gsm GF Smith Colorplan paper. 

Made in Hull
Letterpress Printed. Printed in Scottish Borders


UK = £3 | Europe = £15 | ROW = £20.
UK orders over £30 are upgraded to first class signed for.
Free postage for orders over £100 within the UK.

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